lineage 2 da Vinci

Patch Notes

06.11.17 => Added Custom EXP Spot at Giran Harbor

05.11.17 => Server will be cleaned and wiped, Adena Rate changes from 10x to 50x

03.11.17 => Adding Custom spots top farm new Sets(IOP, FOG, Stakato, Rainbow Springs)

09.10.17 => Adding new Custom Sets Ferrum, Chaos, Sixone, Aurum to Testserver

15.01.17 => Anniversary Update

New Sel Mahum training grounds alike spot with Spirit of Fire
New Sel Mahum training grounds alike spot with Bunnies
Start of the Fantasy Event (Event Manager Leira)

22.12.16 => Welcome our new Hot Springs spot team!

Global Gatekeeper > other locations > Hot Springs Spot

02.08.16 => Start of the L2Day Event

Meet Angel Cat in Giran for more information

09.07.16 => Added Enchant Manager Pippi

Note: enchanting Olf's Shirt higher than +10 will cause in loosing its options

30.06.16 => Added Festival Adena to Kamaloka 78, 81 and 83

08.05.16 => Vote Manager Cinderella

03.05.16 => Travel from Giran with our Global Gatekeeper

28.04.16 => Check out Heine for the Wedding Manager

26.04.16 => Check out the GrandBoss Manager

24.04.16 => From now on voting gets rewarded

To get rewaded you need to follow my instruction.

Step I: I recomment to open our website before voting (with your computer or mobile)
Step II: Login into the game and open the region tab of the community board

Step III: Push on a votebanner (ingame). You will see a countdown.

Step IV: Hurry up! You need to open our homepage and vote for the choosen banner.

If you succeed you will earn da Vinci Vote Runes with special effects.

Check the Vote Manager Cinderella in Giran to get your rewards.

24.03.16 => We are now on facebook!

Lineage 2 da Vinci

18.03.16 => Added Smith Shop for crafting Grade B - S80

9.03.2016 => Added custom spoiling spot (S-grade)

9.03.16 => Added my teleport scrolls to Event medal shop

1.03.2016 => Added custom spoiling spot (A-grade)

27.02.2016 => Added custom spoiling spot (B-grade)

24.02.2016 => Added custom spoiling spot (C-grade)

22.02.2016 => Push the green Server Icon to see who is online

20.02.2016 => Added custom system messages!

11.02.2016 => Added custom buffer!

04.02.2016 => Added Custom enchant color!


28.01.2016 => Added Classmanager cats in Giran!

Find the Classmanger cats in Giran Castle Town to pass your 1st, 2nd and 3rd Class Change Quest

21.01.2016 => Starting of the permanent Heavy Medal Event!

Talk to Winnie and raise your Event Medal lvl to get better offers!!!

15.01.2016 => Server Start =)