lineage 2 da Vinci

Lineage 2 da Vinci project was set on 15th of January, 2016.

The server offers mid rates gameplay and a unique enchanting system which allows players to plus their equipment up to +65535 with common, blessed, crystal scrolls and Enchant Manager Pippi.

For the purpose of quality playing, the server offers GM-Shop till S-Grade, a customized Community Board, permanent Events and farm areas exclusively for spoilers and other classes.

In da Vinci we believe in fair game play and supportive community. Botting will result into permanent ban! We aim to provide you the best time in the world of Lineage and refuse to ignore the vital elements of it such as craft.

Beside our event engine and our admins are trying to guarantee the best possible experience for our community.

Feel intrigued yet? Don't hesitate, join us today!